lexnlp.extract.en.percents: Extracting percents and rates

The lexnlp.extract.en.percents module contains methods that allow for the extraction of percent and rate statements from text. Example statements that are covered by default in this module include:

  • one percent
  • 1%
  • 50 bps
  • fifty basis points

The full list of current unit test cases can be found here: https://github.com/LexPredict/lexpredict-lexnlp/tree/master/test_data/lexnlp/extract/en/tests/test_percents

Extracting conditions

lexnlp.extract.en.percents.get_percents(text: str, return_sources=False, float_digits=4) → Generator

Get percent usages within text. :param text: :param return_sources: :param float_digits: :return:


>>> import lexnlp.extract.en.percents
>>> text = "At a discount of 1%"
>>> print(list(lexnlp.extract.en.percents.get_percents(text)))
[('%', 1.0, 0.01)]
>>> text = "At a discount of 10 basis points"
>>> print(list(lexnlp.extract.en.percents.get_percents(text)))
[('basis points', 10.0, 0.001)]