About LexNLP


LexNLP is a library for working with real, unstructured legal text, including contracts, plans, policies, procedures, and other material. LexNLP provides functionality such as:

Segmentation and tokenization, such as
  • A sentence parser that is aware of common legal abbreviations like LLC. or F.3d.

    • Pre-trained segmentation models for legal concepts such as pages or sections.

    • Pre-trained word embedding and topic models, broadly and for specific practice areas

  • Pre-trained classifiers for document type and clause type

  • Broad range of fact extraction, such as:

    • Monetary amounts, non-monetary amounts, percentages, ratios

    • Conditional statements and constraints, like “less than” or “later than”

    • Dates, recurring dates, and durations

    • Courts, regulations, and citations

  • Tools for building new clustering and classification methods

  • Hundreds of unit tests from real legal documents

ContraxSuite Projects

LexNLP is often used as part of ContraxSuite, an open source contract analytics and document exploration platform built by LexPredict. LexNLP and ContraxSuite are related through the following project structure:

Citing for academic use

We are currently drafting and submitting a technical whitepaper describing the LexNLP library and documenting its performance on a large corpus of gold-standard contracts. Please contact us at support@contraxsuite.com for more information on citing in academic use.